InConsult is a medical encyclopaedia designed for real-time use in general practice.

The concept is being designed primarily for the sessional GP that may have to use IT resources in unfamiliar environments. This presents an increased clinical risk beyond that of the GP who works in the same office everyday.

It is also great value for out of hours GPs and health workers visiting patients in the community.

Mobile phone application technologies will make this resource fully mobile so that it can be carried out-and-about by the sessional GP working in unfamiliar environments. The aim is to be able to carry in the pocket or bag a trusted source of safe evidence-based clinical material that is kept up-to-date and relevant to the daily practice.

It is not a substitute for medical experience or a medical degree, but a rapid source of information fully referenced and evidence-based wherever possible.

It will be succinct and designed for rapid use so that the use of technology during the consultation does not become a hindrance or embarrassment, but an organic use of a tool in the same way that a stethoscope might be used.

Early in the development will come an Emergency Medicine resource which will provide extremely fast access to life-saving medical reminders.

This will provide clinical confidence for physicians who see serious emergencies infrequently.