Can I trust GP Mastery with my data?

GP Mastery and Qutorial are run by working GPs with some administrative support. Your contact details, or any aspect of your personal record will never be sold, given to any third party. We may send you the occasional bulletin of what we feel to be interesting or important information by e-mail. In the event of you no longer wish to receive these you will be able to unsubscribe at any time instantly.

Who is behind GP Mastery?

GP Mastery is a team of evidence-based content developers who are editorially supervised by Dr Julian Kilburn who is a medical author (Hot Topics in General Practice, Answer Plans for the MRCGP) and sessional GP in the North of England.

What are the aims of GP Mastery?

The aims to provide a high quality independent resource which is not affiliated or funded by with unions, publishing houses or pharmaceutical companies and which is a trusted source of evidence-based medical data which can be applied quickly and accurately by skilled clinicians directly to the consultation.

Why do we need it?

In our daily practice, the many e-technologies for health information have oftn made clinical practice more complex at least as often as they have simplified it. 

It was felt that a new tool was needed which could become a trusted, rapid engagement with evidence-based medicine.

While it is welcome that non-medically qualified healthcare workers will use this resource, it must be understood that this is not a substitute for a medical degree or for clinical experience. 

It is one of many tools that clinicians seeing patients can choose to use. 

We hope it will prove to be one of the best but ultimately the public will decide.