GP Mastery is a resource for working GPs and GPs in training.

The first product is a mobile phone application designed initially for Android phones and soon-to-be for iPhone.

It represents a resource of multiple-choice questions which is currently undergoing beta testing with a fun Christmas quiz.

It's a freebie so why not give it a try and tell us your feedback.

The same technology will be used to develop a wide range of Multiple-Choice Questions/ Applied Knowledge Tests  in evidence-based general practice which are particularly designed for exam candidates taking the MRCGP.

Questions will be formulated and updated in response to the changing Hot Topics of general practice and the syllabus of the MRCGP which will allow rapid revision on-the-move with a simple interface on your mobile phone.

This resource will complement a broader range of information through published written materials, and other apps currently being designed for direct use in the consultation.

Everything is written and designed by GPs for GPs.

We feel this will be of particular value to the sessional GP who can bring their encyclopaedia with them and have a resource alongside any session they would be attending.

We feel this resource will bring a level of safety and quality to general practice that will support GPs and promote learning and clinical confidence.

Our intention is to roll out more materials which will reinforce each other, and respond to the daily demands of and on working clinicians.

You tell us what information you need rapid access to. 

And we will be aiming to get it to you.