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  • Your Winner Is....

    Another dark day in the history of the junior doctor.

    With a manner as cold as the steel she wants to inject into your young face with, a 24 year-old SHO in Accident and Emergency wins the … more

  • Start with the App

    The first release from GP Mastery over Christmas 2012 is the mobile phone application for Android  phones

    This is a free opportunity to try out our multiple-choice technology to be used for … more

  • Instructions about Qutorial tests

    Using Qutorials is actually very easy. Just pick your test and answer the questions.

    The administrator will be able to turn any ContentType into Products by attaching a ProductPart.

    Site … more

  • Get introducted into InConsult

    InConsult is a toolf a fast search information about the deseases.

    You've successfully setup your Orchard Site and this is the homepage of your new site. Here are a few things you can look at to … more